We are a small ambitious company offers professionalism, propriety and friendly environment.

Print textile, satin, nylon (taffeta) care / garment labels and Self Adhesive stickers

Lokan Ltd

Who we are ?

Lokan Ltd. team is a reliable partner in new design and print out labeling solutions leading you to success.

Lokan Ltd. print textile, satin, nylon (taffeta) labels, size and care labels as well as self adhesive stikers. We have possibility for printing labels from 15 to 110mm width and unlimited length. Important option we offer is ultrasonic cutting.


What we offer ?

We are offering a large variety of materials to fulfill all tasks and projects received. Contact us and we will help you to choose the best suitable article corresponding to your needs.


Our products

Lokan Ltd. offers a variety of thermal transfer ribbon WAX, WAX-RESIN and RESIN for all kind of printers.

The final product could be one or double side textile or paper/cardboard ticket in different colour variations.

We have Avery Dennsion printing machines SNAP 500 and SNAP 700 Multimedia. We also have CAB and Novexx xlp 504 printers.

PAXAR SS FINISER for ultrasonic cut is available if your labels require soft ans non-frayed edges.

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